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Address: Profsoyusnaya street, 84/32, entrances А2-А4, Moscow

"Kaluzhskaya" metro station, exit 6

Coordinates: 55.654785, 37.535461


How to reach IKI


Public transportation

"Kaluzhskaya" metro station. Exit 6

Exit to the right from the first car coming from the city center. After the escalator and the glass doors, go straight along the long aisle. At the end of the aisle, turn right and go upstairs. The long gray building in front of you, somewhat on a hill, is IKI. Profsoyusnaya Street is on the left, Obruchev Street is behind.

To come up to the IKI building, you need to get round the Rosneft gas station along the path on the right (towards the middle of the building). Then move along the parking lot fence to the main IKI entrance (A-2) or to the entrance 4 (A-4).

By car

IKI is stretched along Obrucheva Street. The entry to the territory at the end-face of the building, the farthest from Profsoyusnaya Street.

Driving along Obrucheva Street, proceed further than the turn to Akademika Volgina Street and the construction fence, then turn right to the entry with a barrier.

Driving from the side of Profsoyusnaya Street, turn to Obrucheva Street, then in 300 m turn left across the counter motion (it is allowed) to the entry with a barrier.

After entering the territory, drive along the building in front of it to the necessary entrance. You pass two more barriers on the way.


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