Space Research Institute

   Conference Archive

  • XII Solar System Plasma Conference, February 610, 2017

  • The Seventh Moscow Solar System Symposium, October 1014, 2016
  • GDRI "Helio-plasmas" Workshop, November 22-24, 2016

  • International conference "Space Science: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", September 30 October 2, 2015
  • Sixth Moscow Solar System Symposium, October 59, 2015

  • Fifth Moscow Solar System Symposium, October 1318, 2014
  • International Conference MSS-14 "MODE CONVERSION, COHERENT STRUCTURES AND TURBULENCE", Moscow, 24 - 27 November, 2014

  • The Fourth Moscow Solar System Symposium (4M-S3)
  • International Colloquium and Workshop "Ganymede Lander: scientific goals and experiments"

  • The Third Moscow Solar System Symposium (3M-S3)
  • International Conference "Space Weather Effects on Humans: in Space and on Earth"

  • The Second Moscow Solar System Symposium (2M-S3)
  • The Second Russian Study Group with Industry
  • Open All-Russia Conferences "Actual Problems in Remote Sending of the Earth from Space
  • International Workshops "Landing site selection for Luna-Glob Lander"

  • The first Moscow Solar System Symposium (1M-S3)
  • Russian-French Workshop, organized as a part of the Year of Russia in France and the Year of France in Russia
  • International Symposium "The Inner Magnetosphere and the Auroral Zone Physics. Topical Objectives and Ways of Their Achievement (RESONANCE project)"

  • Malta Symposium on Hazardous Near Earth Asteroids
  • International Conference "Mode Conversion, Coherent Structures and Turbulence"
  • IKI - MSR Research Workshop
  • International workshop Europa lander: science goals and experiments
  • Space science Week 2009

  • International conference Plasma Phenomena in the Solar System: Discoveries of Prof. K.I. Gringauz - a view from the XXI century
  • Space science Week 2008. Polsko-rosyjskie podstawowe badania kosmiczne

  • International Forum "SPACE: Science and Challenges of the XXI century"

  • Conference on Planetary studies devoted to 75-th anniversary of V.I. Moroz
  • Conference devoted to forty years Russian-French cooperation in space science
  • The 6th INTEGRAL workshop "The Obscured Universe"

  • Space Science Week 2005

  • The Second Opened All-Russia Conference "Current Aspects of Remote Sensung of Earth from Space
  • International Conference "Mode Conversion, Coherent Structures and Turbulence"
  • International Conference "Cosmology and High Energy Astrophysics (Zeldovich-90)"
  • Gamov Memorial International Conference "Astrophysics and cosmology after gamow - theory and observations" dedicated to 100-th anniversary of G.A. Gamov

  • All-Russia Conference "High Energy Astrophysics Today and Tomorrow" HEA-2003
  • Auroral Phenomena and Solar-Terrestrial Relations - International Symposium devoted to the memory of Professor Yuri Galperin (pdf, 33Mb)

  • IACG meeting (IKI part)
  • Workshop Hend-2002